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Project: Raw Lines social media video campaign



Sexual violence and harassment are major health issues in Australia.


The 2016 Australian Bureau of Statistics Personal Safety Survey indicates that 1 in 4 women and 1 in 20 men have experienced sexual violence since the age of 15, and that 1 in 2 women and 1 in 4 men had experienced sexual harassment in their lifetime.


Truth was engaged by Mushroom Group to assist in the development and production of a new community initiative, Raw Lines, to educate and raise awareness of what constitutes sexual harassment, disrespect and violence with young audiences.


The brief sought agency support to develop a visual identity for the campaign, a dedicated campaign website and a suite of video deliverables featuring Australian musicians that would be shared exclusively via talent social media channels.


Truth led the script development, storyboarding, filming, photography and editing of a suite of Raw Lines video content outputs, suitable for social media distribution.


The Raw Lines website, logo, program graphics and content font were also developed, designed and managed by Truth. It was important these deliverables were strategically developed to ensure they addressed the correct tone for the subject matter, while still appealing to the target audience. The combination of these elements resulted in an accessible and striking visual identity.


Truth also managed the public relations roll out as part of the launch, including developing and pitching the overarching media release and managing all media enquiries.


Truth collaborated with Mushroom to deliver a powerful, effective and vital community initiative designed to educate Victorians about what constitutes sexual violence and harassment. This was executed through the following deliverables:


1. Compelling and visually striking video deliverables featuring strong Australian music talent

2. A suite of photography stills of all talent for use across social media and media channels

3. A strong visual identity, including a logo, that complements the final video deliverable and provides a cohesive design experience for the audience

4. A website to house the video deliverable that brought to life wireframes, applying the approved visual identity

5. 4 x media articles including in Beat Magazine and The Music

6. A suite of vox pop interviews with major talent